- Focus on rapid fan growth
- 100% increase in fans in the first 6 weeks
- Fans convert to sales at 3X higher rate

- Thousands of fans per month
- 700% increase in fans in 2 months
- 15% increase in sitewide sales conversion rate

- Initiative for Rapid fan acquisition
- 100% increase in fans in the first 2 months
- 30% increase in sitewide sales conversion rate

- Social presence is very important to them
- 70% increase in fans in the first 2 weeks
- 47.8% of visitors who became fans made a purchase

- 53% increase in fans in first month
- Thousands of fans every month
- Fans convert to sales at 270% higher rate

- Focus on improving social presence
- 82% increase in fans in the first 15 days
- Fans convert to sales at 678% higher rate

- 274% increase in fan base in 5 months
- 95% uplift in revenues per session
- Millions of dollars in incremental sales

What customers are saying

“My visitors are turning into fans and these fans are converting to sales at a 4.2X higher rate! This is incredible”


Bradley Mansfield

VP of Marketing

“ShopSocially is delivering Facebook Fans and a sales conversion uplift. I couldn’t have asked for more”


Andre Brysha

Director of Ecommerce

“We’ve tried several strategies in the past to acquire fans, but nothing has generated the kind of results Get-a-Fan has for us”


Mark Zuckier

President, Ecommerce Division

“ShopSocially helped us define, and execute our social strategy. We are delighted with the results.”


Jack Sheng


“ShopSocially’s social commerce solution delivered beyond our expectations. We are getting significant brand impressions, clicks and sales from previously untapped social media channels.”


Sumant Sridharan

Vice President

“ShopSocially has helped increase revenues by 48%, conversion rates from Facebook are up by 44%, visits from Facebook are up 131% and sales conversions from Facebook are up 3X.”


Jared Mitchell,


“The ShopSocially platform is a retailer’s social dream come true. I enabled pre-purchase & post-purchase social experiences within 5 minutes. Our shoppers are now spreading the word about our deals & products, and becoming Facebook fans. Conversion is up 3.3x. Social traffic is driving 12% incremental sales.”


Greg Sarkin


Partial List of Customers

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